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Are you fascinated by the potential of the human body? What about what happens when two bodies come together? Do you find yourself enthralled at the seemingly endless possibilities that the myriad modalities of movement offer? Then you're in the right place. Deeply rooted in the history of traditional Yoga asana, this ancient style has now re-emerged yet again to connect people all over the globe in the most fundamental way - via human touch, a universal need.

At its very root, AcroYoga is a practice of trust. Another basic human need is the ability to put faith in another human being. AcroYoga merges Yoga, Acrobatics, and Thai Massage seamlessly through communication, support, strength, and flexibility of the body and mind. Whether this is your first time hearing the term "AcroYoga" or you are a seasoned practitioner, join us to explore the fundamentals of movement, through dynamic transitions, creative sequencing and elaborate connections.

This manual is an invaluable investment in any personal and professional capacities that you continue to pursue this practice in.We are excited to go on this journey with you, as we take each other where we couldn't go on our own.

Enjoy the ride!

Best Slava & Devon

The manual will come in 2 files, both can be downloaded through your computer directly or through your phone using dropbox, the 1st file is a PDF which gives you a slideshow view of the manual, the 2nd file is a ZIP which will allow you to download all the pictures separately as JPEG's for your personal use, this information is free and you can use it however you want, share it, refer to it and learn from it, i am happy to be able to give back to this wonderful worldwide Movement community

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1 PDF and 1 ZIP
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